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Lea Wood is a community of 52 condominium units in west Eugene, located off City View Street and bordered by Amazon Creek on the north, and the Gudukut wetland on the south. A Board of 7-9 Volunteer members administer the Home Owners Association. Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (usually) and the annual meeting takes place in October. Contact the Board at: leawoodhoa97402@gmail.com

July 20, 2016

Carol Poole has left the building...

It is with difficulty and sadness that I must resign as Administrative Assistant to the HOA Board and Community. My last day was yesterday, June 19th, 2016.

I wish the members of the Lea Wood Community and HOA Board much prosperity, good health, and much happiness in their futures.

The HOA Board is looking for a new Administrative Assistant.  Hopefully, someone from the Lea Wood Community can fill this position.  It does have compensation.  And, it would be easiest if the assistant had MS Office Suite capabilities and internet experience.  Please contact one of your HOA Board members for more information.

Thank you again, it has been a privilege working for the Lea Wood Homeowners' Association!

Carol Poole

Minutes of Meeting held on June 21, 2016

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:05 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.
Noland Whaley, President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Greg Smith
June Grubbs
Dick Jessup
Joe Harris
Udie Bauer, Vice-President, (Absent)
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from May, 2016 meeting – APPROVED
Financials for May, 2016 – APPROVED
Old Business:

·         Street light issue update-
o   In process, should be done by the next meeting

·         1259 - Hornet’s nest in soffits
o   $85 to repair -  Approved
o   Carol will notify Sebring

·         1325 – Repair list of what needs to done for approval of loan
o   Mark Sebring, contractor, preliminary list $1019.00
§  HOA will pay this repair cost
o   However, another portion of the repairs needed to sell condo require roof framing replacement, new shingles, plywood, and mold removal (caused by insulation covering the existing soffit vents)
§  Cost of this repair is $2290…Board determined it will assist owner with 50% of this repair cost ($1145). 
§  Carol will send email to owner notifying of the decision of the Board.       

·         Thatching bid – Front lawns only, $782—Board Approved, Carol will email approval.

·         Gutter cleaning bids – Board Approved Alpha Roof Care at $2080.00
o   Carol will notify Alpha Roof Care of the Board’s decision.

New Business:

·         Roof Vents
o   Current roof vents were code when condos were built in 1978
§  New codes suggest additional vents to help resist mold
o   HOA Attorney Brian Cox says HOA is NOT responsible for these additional vents
§  It is considered an upgrade, not maintenance
o   Newsletter to be sent out in August, to notify of vents and mold, to suggest checking attics

·         New parking line striping needs to be done on both parking areas of 1200 and 1300
o   June Grubbs volunteered to paint them, just need white reflective paint
o   Noland volunteered to pick up the paint.

·         Condo Questionnaire Fee –
o   Every sale of a condo in the community requires a “Condo Questionnaire” to be completed by the HOA for the Title company or loan officer. 
o   It requires at least one hour of time to complete
o   Each questionnaire is different so there is no way to streamline this process
o   Most HOA’s charge a fee to the owner for completing this questionnaire
§  Fees are anywhere from $50 to $250 per sale, per online research
o   It was suggested that Lea Wood HOA will charge a fee of $50 per sale, starting in July
§  This fee will either be added to the owner’s dues, or paid by the owner at closing
§  This suggestion was approved by the Board
§  In the last month, Carol has filled out 5 questionnaires.
·         The Board determined to compensate Carol by her paying $250 for her time

·         President Noland Whaley is moving out of the community very soon.
o   Who will be interim President?
§  Recommended for Udie as Interim President
§  Recommended for Greg as Interim Vice-President
§  Will discuss next month when Udie is at the meeting.

·         Owner’s decks and patios
o   HOA Attorney Brian Cox says the HOA IS responsible for maintenance of the deck and patio

Other Business:

·         June Grubbs will not be at the next meeting

·         Jane was contacted by another owner, stating water flooding from different unit.  Jane was concerned on how to handle it in the future.

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley at 7:03 p.m.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m. on July 19, 2016
Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole

June 21, 2016

Minutes of Meeting held on May 17, 2016

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.
Noland Whaley, President
Udie Bauer, Vice-President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Dick Jessup
Greg Smith
Joe Harris
June Grubbs
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from April, 2016 meeting – APPROVED
Financials for April, 2016 – APPROVED –
·         1353 behind, Carol will email Bottom Line Bookkeeping Service to see if a notice has been sent to them
o   90 days to comply
·         $4044 -- 1367 for RamJack repair (Major Repair)
Old Business:

·         HOA Boot camp report from Jane
o   Good meeting
o   Lea Wood Condominiums are considered a PUD
§  The owners own the piece of land under their unit = PUD
o   HOA Board is a fiduciary
o   Jane gave Carol documents from the conference to be scanned and sent out to the Board for reference.

·         Street light issue update
o   June updated the age of the lights
o   Udie states there will be a low profile pedestal with a meter, established in front of 1345/1347
§  $1300 total bid for repair
o   Repair work APPROVED by the Board
§  Udie will notify the contractor to proceed.    

·         Tree stump removal and driveway repair update-
o   Stump is repair is complete
o   Board agreed that there will be no grass in spot where the stumps were
o   Udie gave Carol all the receipts of bills for scanning

·         Plumbing repair for 1357 completed
o   Plumbing repaired
o   Bad valve at the water meter so HOA was responsible for the bill

·         New thatching bid – pending response from Graham

·         Newsletter
o   Repair complete on tree stumps
o   Street lights happening—there will be notifications of power outage
o   Newsletter will be issued this week

New Business:

·         Turn-over of Presidency & Assistant when Noland & Carol leave
o   Noland’s departure
o   Carol will possibly post a “help wanted” announcement in the August/Summer newsletter for Assistant replacement with job description and possible re-imbursement via homeowner’s dues

·         Gutter clogs and repairs-
o   Carol to Contact Darold, at Accuracy Gutters, about cleaning gutters throughout the complex, as soon as possible
§  Two bids needed – Carol will handle the search for the second bid and notify the Board

Other Business:

·         Udie will not be here on June 21, 2015

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley at 6:36 p.m.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m. on June 21, 2016

Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole

May 18, 2016

Spring Newsletter -- May, 2016 ~You all should receive a printed copy of the current newsletter soon...until then--here it is!~

Minutes of Meeting held on April 19, 2016

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.
Noland Whaley, President
Udie Bauer, Vice-President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Dick Jessup
Greg Smith
Joe Harris
June Grubbs
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from March, 2016 meeting – APPROVED
Financials for March, 2016 – APPROVED

There was a moment of silence for Ron Lago (1345), former HOA president, who passed away on April 11, 2016

Old Business:

·         Budget review for needed expenses
o   Noland reviewed budget and how much will be needed for the stump removal/drivewy repair
o   Wants to keep costs down
o   We will request Bottom Line that all photo-copy of bills be emailed

·         Mailbox units---Noland reviewed the mail box options
o   Suggested that the HOA first accomplish the stump removal/driveway repair
o   Suggested that there be:
§  1 20 count unit for the 1200 block,
§  2 units of 19 count each for the 1300 block
o   Also, recommended larger cement pad initially to add package container later

·         Thatching Bid
o   June recommended thatching for just the front lawns.
o   Carol to contact Graham for another front lawn bid.

·         Stump removal and driveway repair
o   EWEB will also do their work when this is underway, adding an extra electric box (in the ground)
o   All concrete (6” slab of concrete with rebar in it)
o   Units will be blocked but will still have access
o   There will be a port-a-potty with a trailer parking in the overflow parking,
§   The ability to park it will be allowed by the Board
o   The contractor, Mark, will post flyers for all neighbors updating them all construction work

·       1367 – For Ramjack repair…owner will send the HOA portion of the bill to Bottom Line Bookkeeping (approx. $4000.00)

·         Greg is cleaning the soffits/eaves on each unit
o   Has done 2 of the buildings
o   Takes him about 2 hours each block on the houses
o   He will get them done eventually

New Business:
·         Jane’s trip to HOA Bootcamp, May 7th, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. at the Eugene Hilton
o   $100 approved for purchase of any pertinent information from the seminar
o   Any additional questions can be emailed to Jane before the May 7th date
o   Udie may attend also, contact info was given to Udie to RSVP

·         Street lights on 1300 block - Udie reporting…not an easy fix
o   Three options
§  Solar panel on the poles to feed lights
§  New meter base on two units by lights piped over
§  Trench dug and put conduit in and rewire them
o   Udie will let us know what option, and the amount required

·         1357 low water pressure – Dick said Petersen Plumbing came out and replaced a valve
o   Exterior repair…HOA responsible for paying the bill
o   Noland says it might be as much as $250

·         Udie discussed fixing the sprinklers, per Dean at Graham, to reduce the water usage by 1/3
o   Cost will be approximately $10,000
o   Graham could do it in phases
o   Saving a lot of money down the line with EWEB

·         Community Swap Meet, suggested by Jane
o   June 1st, Wednesday, 9-2
o   Place notification of event in the May newsletter
o   If you want to participate place a green card under porch light
Other Business:

·         Greg brought up doubling Carol’s pay for working for the Board
o   Questions about amount to pay to keep from having to file a 1099 tax form

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley at 7:00 p.m.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m. on May 17, 2016
Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole