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Eugene, Oregon, United States
Lea Wood is a community of 52 condominium units in west Eugene, located off City View Street and bordered by Amazon Creek on the north, and the Gudukut wetland on the south. A Board of 7-9 Volunteer members administer the Home Owners Association. Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (usually) and the annual meeting takes place in October. Contact the Board at: leawoodhoa97402@gmail.com

January 22, 2016

Minutes of Meeting held on November 17, 2015

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Greg Smith, substituting for Noland Whaley, President.
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Dick Jessup
June Grubbs
Noland Whaley, President, Absent
Udie Bauer, Vice-President, Absent
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from October, 2015 meeting -- APPROVED
Financials for October, 2015 – APPROVED

Old Business:

·         Stump removal by 1329 - Udie not here for the bids, tabled until next meeting in January

·         Front strip…Greg said that the bid is reasonable because they have to go 3” below grade
o   The dirt removed will be filled with gravel, roots—making the whole job much more difficult.

·         New message phone is available for the HOA – 541-266-3717
o   Signs will be posted on mail boxes
o   Number is posted on Webpage and Facebook Group page

·         Resident “with issues”- Attorney report advises that we can only report the resident if she does something damaging, threatening, illegal

New Business:

·         Nutria problem being dealt with by Swanson’s Pest Control
o   Newsletter article about the futility of trying to get rid of nutria

·         Gutters and drains underway-brackets
o   Condos 1271-1277 next to be repaired starting November 19, 2015
o   Gutter cleaning to begin December 2-3

·         1353 – New owner will be submitting remodeling plans to Board

·         1259 – Repair for roof leak interior damage bid submitted for $375.
o   Board approved repair work
o   Carol will email residents

·         Complaint about leaves…the leaves should be picked up NOT blown into the street
o   Leaves that are blown are to be removed not scattered elsewhere. 
o   Carol email Todd about this issue. 
o   We want them hauled away.

Meeting was adjourned by Greg Smith, at 6:29 p.m.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m. on January 19, 2016

Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole

November 18, 2015

Minutes of Meeting held on October 20, 2015


The annual meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.

Noland Whaley, President
Udie Bauer, Vice-President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Dick Jessup
Other residents of the community
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA 

Welcome and Introductions
o   Noland welcomed the guests and introduced the Board and Board Assistant

Budget and New Fees Discussion
·         Noland went over the projected budget, exterior painting is coming up, gutters, trees, mailboxes
o   Rate increased
§  Question about the amount for landscaping increase, Noland explained the reason.
§  Question about the utilities, water is adjusted, EWEB work.
§  Repairs expense due to foundation repair on 1343 unit.
§  There are no assessments at Lea Wood like other HOAs

Improvements & Concerns of Residents
·         Foundations repairs have been expensive to the Budget
·         Downspout repair and fixing drainage is a continuing expense
·         Stump removal
o   Major cost of removal, what to do with the stumps, first estimate is $13,000-$17,000 because of the plumbing and concrete repair required for each removal
o   Board hesitant to use chemicals to rot the stumps—how bad are the chemicals?
·         Suggestion for newsletter need to have residents check dry rot in upper decks. Check partitions
·         Resident at 1339 needs deck railing fixed, and 1337-1339 need stairwell railing repaired.
·         Digging for irrigation replanted grass seed…didn’t level it out and didn’t seed it correctly need to contact Graham Landscape and Design about that area.
·         Parking strip to have bark o mulch
o   Estimate is high, need more estimates and time
·         Graham Landscape and Design took care of the strip across from Jane’s deck.
·         Board needs more input  A suggestion was made that there be a message phone established for the Board, and checked daily
o   All approved of this suggestion. 
o   Board will do research and establish a phone to call for concerns and suggestions
·         Need to contact Graham Landscape and Design’s about use of weed killers, moss killers.
·         Earthquake preparedness—storage unit for tools to help each other.
§  Question of liability
·         Steps/Stairs by Unit 1319 chewed up by critters?
o   It was determined that units that face the south, stairwell carpets deteriorate because of sun damage and decay
o   It was suggested that eventually the stairwells need carpet replaced.  Astro-turf?
·         Property tax has increased.  Discussion followed
·         The safety extension for gutter cleaning will be installed in mid-November. 
·         Gutters will be cleaned when trees are bare.
·         Mailboxes are being considered soon, Noland will check for better pricing.
Closing of full portion of the Annual Meeting
o   Approval of meeting place, the Board will use it next year
o   The refreshments were good

Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Regular Board Meeting
(After Annual Meeting)

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President. 
Noland Whaley, President
Udie Bauer, Vice-President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer
Jane Dods, Secretary
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Dick Jessup
June Grubbs, potential Board member

Minutes from September, 2015 meeting -- APPROVED
Financials for September, 2015 -- APPROVED
Old Business:

·         June Grubbs is willing to be a Board Member, a motion was made by Dick, seconded by Udie
o   June is appointed to the Board by unanimous Board approval
·         Officers will remain the same for 2016
·         Tree pruning on trees from 1341 - APPROVED
·         1283-1285 drainage repair – APPROVED  Udie will notify Mark

New Business:

·         Stump by 1329 – Dick says that driveway is in bad shape, liability concerns
o   Need bids to fix it.
o   Agreed to get more bids
o   Udie said that we have Mark’s bid, but he will get two other bids.
o   Will vote at the next meeting

·         A resident has a complaint about a rotting spot on lawn (unit number purposely not noted because of these issues)
o   Emails from resident read to Board because of profane language and intimated threats
o   Rotten spot of the lawn could be from the squirrels or tree roots there
§  Will contact landscapers about issue.
o   It was suggested that the Board send the defamatory emails from resident to the attorney, and find out what are the options when dealing with this resident?
§  Should we contact the police?
§  Board suggests that we report this to the parents and the police.
§  Board’s final decision is to contact attorney, and go from there.     
            Udie will not attend next month’s meeting.  

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 8:28 p.m.
The next meeting will be 6:00 p.m. on November 17, 2015

Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole

October 22, 2015

Minutes of Meeting held on September 15, 2015

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President. 
Noland Whaley, President (term ends 2017)
Udie Bauer, Vice-President (term ends 2016?)
Jane Dods, Secretary (term ends 2016?)
Maria Hinds, Treasurer (term ends 2016?)
Dick Jessup (term ends 2016?)
Greg Smith (term ends 2017)
Joe Harris (term ends 2017)
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from August, 2015 – APPROVED
·         Jane requested verification of the idea of someone attending the HOA school suggestion.  
      She needed clarification as to who is doing the research.
·         Udie inquired as to the bid to dig up, and bark o’ mulch the front strip.
            First bid was $4400.00
            Dick concerned about the project
            Udie will contact 2 more contractors for their bids to help the HOA determine             best resolution
Financials for August, 2015 – APPROVED

·        Noland requests that Carol email our lawyer to reattached lien on 1361 for past due HOA fees

Old Business:

·         Annual Meeting
o   Noland recommended cookies and sodas/drinks for the meeting
o   Meeting is set for October 20, 2015 at 7 p.m. at the Market of Choice meeting room, 29th & Willamette, Eugene
o   Announcement/Newsletter has been mailed to all owners, September 15, 2015
o   Announcement will be posted on HOA website by Friday, September 18, 2015
o   Board will meet at the at 6:30 or so, to prepare room for meeting

·         2016 Budget Review
o   Discussion of the proposed Budget for 2016, prepared by Noland Whaley
§  Gutter expense – need to replace or repair most gutter drains
§  Utilities were higher because of water issues that came up (tree roots breaking water and irrigation pipes—water leaking, over watering of grass in 2014, and a 7% fee increase by EWEB)
§  Mailbox replacement—expense estimated between $4000 & $5000.
§  There were several exterior repairs and maintenance, the condos are aging.
·         Proposed increase of $5/month in HOA fees
·         Udie motioned to pass budget with increase of $5/month/fees
·         Greg seconded
§  Proposed Budget now APPROVED to be presented with a $5/month increase in fees, effective January, 2016.

·         1353 produced letter stating approval for rental as requested by the HOA Board last month.
§  The issue is now resolved as the condo is currently up for sale

·         1341 requested his trees be examined and pruned
§  Carol will contact James Cummings Tree Service look at trees at 1341, also 1365 for an estimate.
New Business:

·         Jane proposed community (excluding the public, somehow) wide garage sale
o   Udie voiced his disapproval, stating that it is impossible to keep the garage sale a private sale within the community.
o   Tabled for discussion until April/May, 2016 board meeting.

·         Dick (1295) 1293-1295 inquired about down spouts, needs to be drained to the streets
o   Udie proposed we do 1295’s condo like 1345 in recent past (see previously mentioned gutter expenses)

·         Dick asked about the grinding of the tree roots –
o   Last estimate for grinding/demolition of tree roots was $13,000 – $17,000
o   It was pointed out that it is a matter of prioritizing financial spending for critical repairs/improvements only, at this time.

·         Noland reviewed terms of office for the Board Members
o   All officers of the Board are now within their terms, no elections are required at this time.
o   A schedule of term limits for each member will be developed by Carol

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:40 p.m. 
The next Board meeting will be after the ANNUAL MEETING, October 20, 2015, 8-9 pm
Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole

September 16, 2015


Minutes of Meeting held on August 18, 2015

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President. 
Noland Whaley, President
Udie Bauer, Vice-President
Jane Dods, Secretary
Maria Hinds, Treasurer
Dick Jessup
Greg Smith
Joe Harris, (Absent)
Alex McKenzie, new resident at 1315 (Visitor)
Carol Poole – Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from July, 2015 – APPROVED
Financials for July, 2015 – APPROVED

Old Business:

·         1353 – The tenant with the barking dogs has vacated the unit.
o   The historic letter from the Board giving permission to rent must be produced by current owner, in order to re-rent the unit. 
§  The Board has no record of a letter being given to the current owner giving them permission to rent the unit.

·         1365 – A car was ‘broken’ into, (keys were in the ignition, purse on front seat).
§  The victim got most of her possessions returned to her.
New Business:  
·         Noland suggested sending someone to a HOA School/class in Portland.
o   Who would be interested in attending the class?
§  Jane is willing to do the research

·         1345 -- Owner requested externally mounted surveillance camera on his unit.
o   It was unanimously approved
o   Email to be sent to owner stating approval

·         An inquiry was made as to whether there seemed to be any increased activity/street traffic to the 1300 block.  There had been one complaint of increased traffic.
o   Activities were deemed normal for traffic to end of the community street by those Board members who live there.

·         2016 Budget – Noland is working on it

·         Dwain – contractor will do the dry rot repair on Jane’s post.

·         Does the Board want the Graham Landscapers to remove the front patch of dead grass, and put down bark o mulch?
o   Udie will contact them to see their best solution recommendation
o   Board will decide on completion of this when estimate is submitted

·         Jane said that the grass patch (not the community’s property) near the Amazon needs to be mowed.
o   Graffiti and homeless in that area
o   Lea Wood property includes very small triangle across the canal
o   City is not doing any more upkeep

·         Jane -1333 has request to install a solo tube in her unit
o   Letter of approval for improvement and water liability will be mailed to Jane 

·         Annual Meeting
o   Market of Choice is chosen.  Need to firm up reservation
o   The meeting will be the 2nd or 3rd week of October on a Tuesday night

·         Request was made to put in Jane’s phone number in the newsletter in regards to setting up a pet care co-op

·         Dick wants to verify the membership rules to see if Jane’s taking over Diane's position needs to be approved, or it is just that she will serve out Diane’s term.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:47 p.m. 
The next meeting will be the September 15, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Minutes submitted by:  Carol Poole