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Eugene, Oregon, United States
Lea Wood is a community of 52 condominium units in west Eugene, located off City View Street and bordered by Amazon Creek on the north, and the Gudukut wetland on the south. A Board of 9 Volunteer members administer the Home Owners Association. Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (usually) and the annual meeting takes place in September. Alternative spellings found are LeaWood, Leawood, and Lea Wood ... but as long as it's followed by HOA and is in Eugene, that's us!

March 21, 2014

Minutes of Meetings held on January and February, 2014

February 18, 2014 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at   6:30 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Udie Bauer
Diane Rivo
Joe Harris
Greg Smith, visitor/now member
Tony Core, Farmers Insurance Agent (Guest speaker)
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President

Minutes from last meeting, January 21, 2014—available for review
Financials—available for review

Old Business 

·         Insurance issue – Tony Core, our Farmers Insurance Agent
        Tony took questions to start: 
o   Udie asked (via request from Ron Lago) are units insured for earthquake and flood?
§  Yes, in  a separate policy from homeowners.  Covers inside of units for flood or earthquake. 
·         Technically not required to have building interior coverage. 
·         But, owners need to cover interior furniture and insides improvements…so individual policies highly recommended.
o   Diane asked how much are we paying now for Flood &Earthquake:
§  $6492.00 per year for $7.163 million in coverage. 
§  Building ordinance and law is part of our coverage, in case city requires complete re-build after flood ore earthquake to make buildings up to date with current city codes. 
§  Loss of use by residents is covered in current policy.
o   Diane asked if we really wanted flood and earthquake.
§  Most agreed better to have it than not to have it. 
o   Greg pointed out that this property is not in the flood plain, as of this date, but so close to the wetlands we should be. 
§  But, it is good because flood insurance is less expensive outside of flood plain.
o   Udie had a remapping question about city’s remapping.
§  Tony said our insurance is always grandfathered in with city remapping
o   Tony advised Lea Wood’s newest coverage includes cyber liability
§  Protects anything owned by HOA, computers etc from identity theft
§  Protects identities of individuals, in regard to the HOA Board.
o   Building policy was upped by $250,000 for building insurances because of current price of building materials, etc.
o   Liability insurance is there for Board against any personal suits. 
§  It is called Director and Officers Coverage.
o   Coverage pricing, as exists now:
§  $4.492 million on buildings; 2.825 million on the interiors.
§  $5000 deductible for exterior; $500 per unit, for interior of units.
o   Question about a tree limb dropping on vehicle at 1349, was answered
§  Damage is covered by the owner’s vehicle insurance.  “Act of God”
o   We have sewer and drain coverage for the common areas.
o   After Tony left:
§  Diane asked how much more we are paying per year on insurance,
·         $1000.00 more per year, per Noland.
·         Noland states HOA had to pay the other half of yearly insurance with 60 days. 
·         Noland thought there was 6 months leeway, but it was only 60 days for second payment to be due.
§  Discussion will continue on bids for HOA insurance.
§  Joe asked if we should notify all residents about the fact that not necessary to have individual interior coverage.
o   Most agreed that individual homeowners’ policies are wise, even with interior building coverage.

·         New landscapers TruGreen
o   Discussed emails from Ron and Jordan
o   HOA Board wants weekly updates on what is being done.
§  Need what day they are going to be here each week and what is going to be done.     
§  Need consistency on schedule of work.
o   Udie mentioned he had a private contractor take care of the downed tree, etc. from storm.
§   Bill for contractor is $625.00
o   Marie mentioned a limb down in her back yard cherry tree. 1277
§  Also behind 1343
o   Stump removal discussed with regarding to coupon from 94.5 radio, and also a quote from Udie’s friend, Mark.
o   Udie thinks that trees in the 1300 block need to come out.  Breaking up driveways, overgrowing electric boxes, replace with smaller trees.
§  Take them out one at a time.
§  Noland recommended professional needs to come and assess need for trees to be removed or just pruned correctly
§  Noland will get 2 estimates for possible removal.
§  Udie can walk through with contractoors
·         Udie availability, any day but Thursday.
o   Landscape Committee??  Noland requested might be a good idea to determine
o   LETTER/FORM to be sent to residents/owners
§  Who wants herbicide—YES or NO
·         To be mailed back to HOA by April 1st for response
·         May 1 too late
·         Noland will ask what they are using (Roundup or what?)
o   How toxic—is fertilizer toxic?
o   Pricing—how much less toxic is than regular

·         Ram Jack – Owner 1341 is asking for possibility of re-directing rain gutter…
o   Also, there are soft spots on his flooring he would like to have explained.

·         Concrete pathway-looks great; and 1309 unit added 5” concrete
o   Bill was $1600 for both Meeting Room and 1309 patio

·         Quarterly newsletter – completed for winter and OK’d

·         Divider fence, safety and removal
o   Noland will get another person to do an estimate
o   Noland will review the by-laws for who is really responsible
o   Mark could give us an estimate for removal and replacement (or no replacement)

·         Noise problems brought up by Dick
o   Greg has problems with noise and speeding by occupant of 1349
o   Letter will be sent to owner and resident

·         Keys-to meeting room were distributed to officers.
o   There is now a lock box for storage room

New Business

·         Storage room:
o    Noland would like to spend some money to organize storage room for rodent removal and stuff off the floor – need shelving. 
o   Diane needs to replace her porch light.
§  Udie will replace her light with existing replacements in storage unit.
o   Board approved money for storage room clean up.

·         Letter to 1349 about noise, speed, and tree limb owner/resident too.
·         Greg Smith unanimously voted to board.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 7:47 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on March 18, 2014

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole


January 21, 2014 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.

Noland Whaley
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Sabastian Partovi
Diane Rivo
Joe Harris
Pam St Julian (visitor)
Greg Smith (visitor)
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President

Minutes from last meeting, December 3, 2013, approved

Financials—Reviewed and approved

Old Business

·         Reviewed the insurance issue - will still get bids.
o   July will be next payment, if we stay with Farmers Insurance
o   New Farmers Insurance Agent, Tony Core, will come to the next meeting—February 18th
o   Noland will bring more policy information for the board to read and use to check with their insurance agents.

·         New landscapers TruGreen email from Michael McCormick
o   There were two complaints about leaves behind the 1300 block of condo.
o   TruGreen handled it promptly.  Supervisor even walked through.
o   Letter will be sent out to residents about pesticides to see who wants them and who would want more work done.

·         Ram Jack – Advised that foundation work completed to Dexter Dewey’s satisfaction.

·         Concrete pathway to meeting room will be completed pending improved temperature and weather conditions.

New Business

·         Security patrol – good idea when started
o   Drive through—Sabastian and Greg brought up the fact that security is not happening properly. 
o   Vote to discontinue security – Approved
o   Vote to make signs that state “No Trespassing” with “Video Surveillance”– Approved

·         Website is up –
o   Replaced old email with new email – leawoodhoa97402@gmail.com
o   Minutes will be posted generically – no specific numbers or names given for privacy and resale issues.

·         Quarterly newsletter suggested
o   Invitation on newsletter for new residents to come to a board meeting.
§  List Board member names.
o   Noise policy posted clearly on newsletter.
o   Notice if owners want extra attention for landscape/lawn care, who to contact

·         Noise complaint – sent letter out to all in 1200 block
o   Greg Smith suggested a letter needed sent to 1300 block
o   Diane asked that we put in the letter the fact that if people have a noise complaint, to notify Board Members

·         Divider fence, safety and removal. 
o   Discussion followed who was responsible for divider fencing.
o   Put new fences 5 years ago. 
o   Up to homeowners about divider fences.
o   Noland will get someone (via Udie?) to walk thru to see if the fences are a hazard or not, or which ones really need to come down.
o   Sabastian asked if a group rate might be possible for removal of dangerous fences.
o   Up to board what is done about the divider fence issue.
o   Dick stated that previously Ernie worked something out with fence builders. 
o   Safety and liability big issue, if someone gets hurts.
o   Diane asked, if the fence comes down for safety reasons, does the owner have to put up a new fence?  Board agreed that it would not be necessary. 
o   Noland will get bids to offer new fences for those that want them.
o   Dick said $125-$200/per unit were the prices five years ago.

·         Noland asked for reimbursement for the purchase of a shovel, stamps and envelopes.  Approved


      Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:40 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on February 18, 2014

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole


January 10, 2014

Minutes of Meetings held on October, November, and December, 2013

December 3, 2013 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The EMERGENCY meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on December 3, 2013 by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Udie Bauer
Diane Rivo
Joe Harris (visitor)
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President

Copies of Minutes from last meeting, November 19, 2013, available for review

No Financials until month has passed.

Emergency Meeting called to discuss need to consider new insurance as old agent retired and new pricing seems high.

Old Business

  • Joe Harris was appointed Board member to replace Jean Rix.\
  • Attendance of existing Board members was touched on.
  • Roofs and gutters were cleaned on Nov 25th
  • Landscapers start on Thursdays
  • Marie found out that we cannot deduct from taxes for over-due homeowners’ fees
  • Diane verified what was considered a late charge and when.
  • Ram Jack is set for owner of one of the condos
  • Concrete for pathway to meeting room is set for completion.  Current stepping stones/paver need to be removed first.  Discussion of how and who, followed:
    • Craig’s list Ad to sell/free stepping block
    • Recycle?
    • Joe will check for a friend of his to take them away                       

New Business

  • Insurance:  Need to gather bids on renewing or new insurance
    • Current insurance with Farmers but our agent has retired, new agent offering substantially higher payment
    • We have 60 days to determine whether or not to change or renew.
    • That gives time until March to price shop for new insurance.
    • Need to gather more information.
    • It was recommended we provide the insurance Policy copies for Board to read and check for better bids.
    • We will set up a one month reminder (email) for a deadline to get other bids on insurance before continuing current policy with Farmers Insurance.
  •  Udie, Marie, Noland need to go Bottom Line to sign for signing checks.
Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:33 p.m
The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on January 21, 2014.

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole

November 19, 2013 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting


Noland Whaley
Marie Hinds
Joe Harris (visitor)
Dick Jessup
Molly Hendricks, TruGreen Landcare (visitor)
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President

Molly Hendricks, spoke for new landscapers, TruGreen Landcare
     ·      She advised she is available to talk to residents.
     ·      Noland recommended quarterly walk thrus.  Monday, 25th at 10 a.m. for initial walk-thru
     ·      Michael & Edgar will be our new crew leaders.
     ·      Noland requested “real edging”—
o   Molly said there would one week of hard edging; alternating week, soft edging.

Copies of Minutes from last meeting, October 15, 2013, available for review


Noland went over the financials, reviewed balances due for fees.
     ·     Joe Harris checked on how much the fees are currently.
o   Fees are $150.00 per month payable on the 1st of the month
o   Late at 10th day of month.

 Old Business
      ·    Fence Project – Noland will table the information until the next meeting, when more Board members will be available.
      ·        Landscapers – see previous discussion re:  Molly Hendricks with TruGreen Landcare. 
      ·        Concrete- for steps to meeting room, and another piece—estimate about $1680.00.  Discussed tabling for further discussion until January, 2014.  
      ·       Noland advised that it has been approved by the board and should be acted on.

New Business
     ·      Lock Box—Keys
       o   Noland has one set of keys, Wendy had a set…
                 o   Another copy should be made and maybe purchase lock boxes for odd times there isn’t someone with keys available.
     ·      Fence estimates too high…needs more discussion
     ·      Udie had a contractor do a walk thru.  Some issues with dry rot, will address the issue further i n January meeting.
     ·      No trespassing signs are approved and he will put them up
     ·      Video surveillance signs for deterrent rather than fencing suggested by Joe Harris.
     ·      Dick recommended we adjourn the meeting until we get a quorum.
     ·      Ram jack for 1341 – discussion on foundation for Dexter Dewey, about his condo has cracks, an issue with sinking.
     ·      Gutter cleaning—is scheduled for Monday, November 25th.
     ·      Budget error discussed.
     ·      Marie will find out if outstanding fees can be deducted from taxes.
     ·      General discussion about how many rentals are allowed versus owners.
     ·      Dick recommended another meeting in December, it was decided but later, needs to be at least 6:30 p.m. for Noland’s schedule because of Christmas packages.

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:43 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. on December 17, 2013.

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole


October 15, 2013 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The regular meeting of the LEAWOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on October 15, 2013 by Noland Whaley, President.
Marie Hinds
Noland Whaley
Diane Rivo
Jean Rix
Dick Jessup
Udie Bauer

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.
Old Business
·         Discussed separate triangle piece of property
·         Jean Rix (Vice-President) is moving; Udie Bauer taking over as Vice-President
·         Voted to give Thompson Landscape 30 days’ notice - will hire new people
·         Security-Fence Estimate with Island Fence for remote gates, both entrances
$18,000.00 plus $8000.00 for openers.  Chain link Fence $12,000.00
·         Look into new CVUs – locking outgoing mailbox (updated locking mailboxes).
o Took Selma & Lila’s mail bag?

New Business
·         Udie Bauer appointed new HOA Vice President, replacing Jean Rix.
·         Painting – partial painting next year (paint lasts 10-15 years).
·         1341 – Dexter, crack in inside slider, deck is sinking
·         1325 – Varying water pressure issue, will have Kevin Cohen Plumbing pressure test.
·         1351 --Water meter full of water, plumber says it is on EWEB’s side, will have EWEB check for repair.
·         Walkway to meeting room – need to pull up stones for concrete walkway for safety.  Noland for estimate of amount designated for repair, it was agreed that $1500.00 would be maximum.
·         1315 – Privacy fences- owner’s responsibility.  Rule that there has to be privacy fences, our responsibility to make them safe. 
·         Price new fences, price removal – Udie suggested Mark Sebring (sp) as referral  Front Signage- NO TRESPASSING, four signs; Email address sign, two signs.
·         Email address:  leawood97402@gmail.com
·         Discussed extending fence by 1341 with chain-link fence
·         Duties of Secretary
o     Take minutes
o     Print and file documents
o     File financials
o     Letter from Secretary to approve signers on checking account
o     Quarterly Newsletter
o     Signs on doors
o     Everyone’s email?
·         1325 at annual meeting asked about door paint. Noland will look into it - $100 per door
·         1359 & 1361 – discussed possible liens on fees amount owed to HOA, as the occupants are deceased. 
1359 = $1245.00
1361= $3956.00
o Udie recommended write off of fees.
·         Jean had inspection:
o Things on exterior of unit needed fixing
o Post on front porch needs new concrete
·         Noland’s request for ‘scribe’ at $50/month approved – Carol Poole
·         Secretary is Diane Rivo

Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President. The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on November 19, 2013.
Minutes submitted by:   Diane Rivo (typed by Carol Poole)

August 8, 2013

Revised Bylaws Posted

The original we were supplied by our attorney is a PDF file. In order to post it here, it had to be converted to a Word document, and the last two pages with graphics (signature, Notary Public stamp, etc.) got scrambled, unfortunately. This can be fixed at a later date, but for now ... the Bylaws are posted on the Page to the right.
Realtors and prospective Buyers, please note that a time restriction applies between the date someone purchases a Unit, and the time when they may apply for permission to rent it. The details are contained in the Bylaws.

August 7, 2013

Minutes of Meeting held on May 20, 2013


Noland called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

A quorum was present:
Noland Waley, President Jean Rix, Vice-President
Marie Hinds, Treasurer Wendy Butler-Boyeson
Dick Jessop Sebastian Partovi
Marisela Rizik
Treasurer’s Report:
Wendy will follow-up on 1357 to determine status of lien
Moved as seconded then approved

Old Business:
  • Another letter will be sent regarding the ambulance stating is must be parked on the
  • Pillar to Post Inspection
Notice to owners to remove vent covers and to trim personal vegetation 6” from
Will get handyman to do minor jobs
  • Roofing bids
Approved Hatton Roofing bid
Noland will contact them to start the work 
  • EWEB storm water fees are paid by both the HOA and owners – due to areas of cement
  • Putting in low-flow sprinklers behind North side of 1300 block
  • Updating the 4 streetlights left – did the four on the street
  • Repair concrete slab at 1309 – will get 3 bids by June meeting
  • 1295 – repairing damaged sprinklers in front area
  • Don’t forget garage sale on June 1 – will put up one more notice to tenets
  • Will look into clipping blackberry bushes along Amazon – get handyman to do the job
  • Need to up lattice under the fence at 1253 to provide barrier
New Business:
  • Ceramic angels between 1200 and 1300 blocks will be put in storage shed
  • Tru-Green landscaping will be invited to the June meeting
  • HOA will purchase a pre-paid phone card to be managed by the board
Meeting was adjourned