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Lea Wood is a community of 52 condominium units in west Eugene, located off City View Street and bordered by Amazon Creek on the north, and the Gudukut wetland on the south. A Board of 9 Volunteer members administer the Home Owners Association. Monthly meetings take place on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (usually) and the annual meeting takes place in September. Alternative spellings found are LeaWood, Leawood, and Lea Wood ... but as long as it's followed by HOA and is in Eugene, that's us!

June 19, 2014

Minutes of Meeting held on June and May, 2014

June 17, 2014 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at
6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Udie Bauer
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Diane Rivo (Absent)
Sabastian Partovi  (Absent)
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from May 20, 2014 meeting.  Approved
Financials—May 20, 2014 went over financials.
                    Approved fence billing will be on June’s billing.  Financials approved.

Old Business:

·         Lawyer – Liens are underway for 1361 and 1359. 
o   Charge is $100/hour for his legal assistant, Darleen McKenna.

·         Budget – Need to slow down spending, already $3000 -$4000 beyond the budgeted items.

·         New Bank Account – Noland advised of the banking information. 
o   Udie might go into OCCU to set up the account.  Noland advised Udie to contact Bottom Line for more information

·         Sprinkler Program
o   Noland wants a schedule for irrigation
o   MOTION to get into Graham’s rotation for future irrigation- APPROVED
o   Two men did all of it in 5 hours.
o   Carol will contact to set up to be on their schedule for Graham’s in the future

·         Tree Stumps
o   Budget is stretching thin at this time.
o   Tabling tree stumps until October
o   Udie presented an estimate for Mark for stump removal for only two of the existing stumps.  All trees were around water, electric, cable.  Udie talked to EWEB about the stump removal.  EWEB would shut down power and also replace power box.
o   After grind it, they would apply chemical that would be only absorbed by the tree roots and it would kill the root.  Can the Board kill the roots themselves?
o   Joe brought up the issue of replanting, the consensus is that trees will not be replanted in the same location.
o   MOTION to table tree stump removal until October.           

·         Bark/budget
o   Rexxius is $2900
o   Lane Forest Products $2950
o   Still have funds to do the bark…depends on which areas and how much
o   Udie said that Dan (the landscaper) requested we don’t do the bark yet because he isn’t done with the weeding and area preparation
o   Question of walk through to see about the bark and drainage issue.  Udie will check with Dan to see about elevation of bark or blocking off bark run-off.
o   We will check with him again next month.

New Business:

·         Parking letter sent to 1267, advised the owner of parking rules—no blocking of sidewalk. 

·         Dish location requested - 1253, 1255, 1257
o   Need to mount a post to the rail of their deck
o   Must be on their property
o   Carol will help write list of rules of location for dish
o   Noland said he gave them some instructions
o   MOTION to pay for relocation of dish- approved

·         Spiders- 1253
o   Question about spiders
o   It’s an owner’s responsibility because it is an interior responsibility

Other Business:

·         Joe had a question about 10’ property line for upstairs units.
o   It is his area, but the landscape company maintains the exterior.
o   Joe can actually use his yard as he sees fit…notifying the landscape company. 

·         Speed Limit issue discussed, because of the little boy riding his bike in the cul de sac

·         Dry Erase board purchase approved for Meeting Room to help keep track of upcoming projects, and needed upgrades or scheduled work for landscaping, etc.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:50 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on July 15, 2014

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole


May 20, 2014 Lea Wood HOA Board Meeting

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at
6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Udie Bauer
Marie Hinds
Diane Rivo
Dick Jessup
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to the HOA

Minutes from April 15, 2014 meeting. 
Diane (who was absent last meeting) checked 2 items on last month’s minutes.  We will discuss further in meeting.
            Reviewed and approved
Financials—went over financials.  Financials approved

Old Business:

Tree Removal—One major complaint, but the arborist and Udie explain the reasons for removal.
o   Posting more information in the future?
o   More pruning and limb removal for the summer

·         Privacy Fences:  Repair/replace
o   In the process…posts in place, must set.
o   Owner’s email – ambiguous wording in the CCNRs about who is responsible to pay
·         Owner agreed to not be reimbursed

New Business:

o   Fencing legal question:  Ron’s Email
§  See information above under Privacy Fences
§  Why did the old board have the people buy their fences
·         In CCNRs it saying party wall=party fence
·         HOA is still responsible for outside.
·         Lawyer did say it was up to us to decide how to proceed either to make them pay or the HOA pays.

o   Past Due Fees issue
§  1361 liens on property, 1359 liens on property
§  It’s a legal step to force foreclosure
§  MOTION to proceed with lien on properties was issued, seconded and approved. 
§  Noland will see lawyer tomorrow at 4 p.m. and begin the process.  

·         Banking/Savings/Checking 
o   Banking is feasible wherever we want
o   MOTION made, seconded and passed to change banking and savings
to Oregon Community Credit Union

·         Tree stump killing and grinding
o   Udie gave a name of A-1 Ron’s Stump Removal to get estimate.
o   Some concrete needs to be redone
o   Have to kill the stump and wait for 1-3 months for treatment before stumps can be removed.
o   Noland requested calling A-1 to see our options, how they will ‘kill’ the tree, green option, etc.
o   Udie will call the service and have them give us a bid and give us more information to see which is best way to kill stump.

·         New Landscapers
o   Dan was out on Friday, raking, weeding will be done by hand.
o   Give them some time to show whether there will be complaints
o   Dan is going to go to each resident about gardening
o   Noland wants us to discuss further next meeting.

·         Bark o mulch—
o   Rexxius – $2875, first bid
o   Lane Forest Products – ground cover of some sort.
o   Next month – send out letter 2 week notice letter letting people know about bark being added

·         New resident 1367

Other Business:

Garage Sale – Diane wanted to know---we will wait to see if anyone will request it
o   Cat issue – Udie said that there was a complaint at about a cat on the loose. 
o   Also, dog being off the lead
o   Noland said we are not a pet policing Board. 
·         More landscaping questions.
o   Dick brought up TruGreen prorated their month, why should Dan Reese have to do the extra work, edging, irrigation can’t get it up to snuff in a month or two.
o   Dick has ivy against the building.  No room for bark o’ mulch
o   Noland says, there will be a walk thru to decide whether there will be bark on each unit or a per person need.
o   Grading needs to be done because of drainage. All land care is HOA responsible. 
o   Irrigation will be done Dan, but repair is up to HOA
o   Tree behind 1323, another tree that needs to be removed. 
o   Fall for trimming trees. 
o   Noland says the trees need to be assessed yearly.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 7:05 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on June 17, 2014

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole


June 9, 2014

The watering will begin soon!

We have had a slight delay in the spring start up of the sprinkler system.  It is scheduled to be serviced on Tuesday, June 10th.  Please be patient with us...there was difficulty with the system and we had to call in back-up.
Thanks for your patience!!

Your HOA Board

May 21, 2014

Minutes of Meeting held on April 15, 2014

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at
6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Udie Bauer
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President
Diane Rivo absent

Minutes from March 18, 2014 meeting.  Reviewed and approved

Financials—went over financials.  Financials approved

Old Business

·        No spray signs, Tru-Green change
o   Showed new small no spray signs for front of units requesting no spray
o   Vote to change to Dan Reese Specialty Services-- Approved
o   Letter will go out tomorrow to TruGreen Land Care giving 30 days’ notice

·        Budget committee report-  
o   Noland said they want to save about 1/3 of monies
o   US Bank has current checking account
o   Washington Mutual for money market
o   Discussion to change to Credit Union for consolidated banking
§  Selco and OCCU, preference towards OCCU because of parking
§  Noland will check them out before next meeting to consolidate
§  Noland will check out how the deposits get to US Bank
§  ($93,000.00 existing)
§  Do not want to dip below a third ($30,000 lock up in CD?)
§  Discussion of keeping base amount in checking at all times

·        Tree Report and estimate
o   James Cumming Tree Service report
§  4 trees need immediate removal:  Root bound and dangerous
·        Cherry tree @ 1333
·        Silver maple tree @ 1331
·        Red maple tree @ 1259
·        Silver maple tree @ 1359
·        Estimate - $6600.00 total
o   Udie asked about grinding stumps
§  Stumps are separate from quote and must be done with another company.
o   Need locator service with utilities to make sure nothing else is damaged when removing stump and root.  Sewer/power lines
o   Noland received a call from 1363 about branch that needs to be removed.
o   Motion to approve and move forward with tree removal -- Approved
o   We will contact Darren to proceed

·        Privacy Fences:  Repair/replace
o   $8300 estimate to replace/repair/paint all 20 fences. 
§  Sebring Construction
§  HOA is responsible for this.
§  Vote to replace fences-- Approved

New Business

·        Contractor for:
o   Foundation w/standing water and dry rot -- 1307
§  Noland will go look and check; will table for next meeting
o   Foundation w/standing water and dry rot (need letter) 1367
§  Sump pump put in to cure standing water
§  Dry rot materials are replaced and painted
§  Next newsletter—advise owners to check under their foundation

·        Bark o mulch – 3 years since bark o mulch
o   Noland wants to get bids on blowing in bark o mulch
§  Only to be done after all beds are properly weeded
§  Will be mostly a summer project

·        Dirt around new path
o   Udie will check it out and see what can be done to filling in gaps

·        Dogs on leashes
o   Elna’s email: 
§  Wants $25.00 fines for those dogs not on leash
§  Oregon law dogs must be on leashes.
§  Newsletter or letter notifying of new policy
§  Marie suggested mentioning cats – no outdoor cats allowed in community

·        Issues with 1361, 1359 ownership and back fees.  Contact lawyer
o   Noland suggested an hour of lawyer time to find out how to proceed with the delinquent dues
o   Board voted and approved proposal to schedule an hour of lawyer time
o   Noland and Udie will schedule and go to see lawyer
o   Udie wants to have Bonn Roof Care come during the summer (?) and flush/repair gutters.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 6:53 p.m.
The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on May 20, 2014 

 Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole

April 18, 2014

Privacy Fences

Starting April 21, 2014, there will be construction workers in the community.  They will be wearing orange vests which will identify them as workers on the  privacy fencing.  The construction workers will start on the south side of the 1300 block.  They will work their way around the units, replacing the old fencing as they go.  If you have questions about this construction, please email the HOA Board:  leawoodhoa97402@gmail.com 

April 17, 2014


April 17, 2014


It has come to our attention that there are some serious tree issues in our community.  We have enlisted the services of James Cummings Tree Service to help us find the most serious problems.  In an effort to prevent further damage and increase safety, we will be removing a few trees soon. 

The trees that are set for removal are:

           Cherry tree near unit 1333
           Silver maple tree near unit 1331
           Red maple tree near unit 1259
                           Silver maple tree near unit 1359

These trees are the most serious of the trees with issues.  There are others that are also out-growing their space and causing damage and safety concerns, but we will assess those as time and money allow.

While we do not like to see any trees removed, we know that it is essential when the tree starts to encroach on water, sewer, pathways, and driveways.  And, when the tree limbs could be a safety hazard during severe weather.

Also, we wish to notify you that we will be changing our land care company in mid-May.  This change is because of poor service by our existing provider.  We are hopeful that the new company will fit our needs much better.

The Board hopes you all have a great spring. 

Thank you,

Noland Whaley, President
Lea Wood Home Owners’ Association Board

Privacy Fences:

The Board has voted to replace old, existing privacy fences with new ones.  We will notify those units involved when this is scheduled, and how it will proceed.

Thank you~

The meeting of the LEA WOOD HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Noland Whaley, President.


Noland Whaley
Marie Hinds
Dick Jessup
Udie Bauer
Diane Rivo
Joe Harris
Greg Smith
Dan Reese, Guest Landscaper
Carol Poole – Secretary/Assistant to President

·         Guest Speaker – Dan Reese—Landscaper (brought by Greg)
o   In business for 30 years
o   Runs 3 – 2 man crews
o   60 plus commercial and residentials
o   Does the work for New Hope College
o   Does irrigation, cleans sprinkler heads
o   Tree limbs back from units
o   Gutter cleaning and pressure washing
o   Fertilizer is included
o   Mulch is extra
o   Noland requested a quote on gutters cleaned for November
o   Dan said they do not use spray on weed killer, they actually weed and rake the flower beds
o   Noland recommends board look at New Hope College grounds. To check walk through.

Minutes from last two meetings, January 21, 2014 and February 18, 2014— need to be reviewed, and approved
·         January minutes approved, able to post
·         February minutes- Noland was concerned about posting any actual $ amounts, no questions—
·         February minutes approved, able to post
·         Financials—went over financials for February’s meeting.  Financials Approved

Budget meeting, needed before next meeting – within next couple of weeks
o   Noland requests financial planning – Rick Kerr
o   Udie, Greg, and Joe volunteered to prioritize/estimate
o   Need for tree cutting
o   Fencing
o   Painting
o   Need to talk to Eric, bookkeeper
o   Some units 1307, 1365 came back as dry rot
§  Udie will have Sebring contractor look at
o   They have others that can come recommend for financial management

Old Business

·         Insurance:  Scanned current insurance coverage, available for Board to receive as a PDF
o   Motion made to leave with Farmers – approved

·         Storage unit/Sprinkler Room Clean-up

·         Replaced 1300 block video sign – discussion during financials

·         Privacy Fences:  Repair/replace
o   There is an estimate for the fences:  2 estimates were given
§  One for removing and replacing
§  Other is for just staining them after they are put up
§  Estimate came in at $8300.00.  They will match newer fences
§  20 fences need to be removed and replaced
o   It is the Board’s responsibility to pay for all of it.
o   Noland would like to table the fences for next meeting
o   Udie recommended adding it to the Budget Meeting.


New Business

·         Tree inspection report – walk through contractor
o   1359 huge tree, big problem
o   Risk management report
o   High cost of leaving trees vs the price of removing the tree
§  Need prioritized list of trees to remove
§  Need something realistic
§  Also estimate for pruning the trees
§  Water/sewer issue
§  Driveway and sidewalk
§  Getting rid of worse trees first, as budget entails
§  Dick brought up the concrete needs to be replaced after the trees are removed

·         Email new business requests 1 week prior to meeting
o   Request if you have new business to email HOA gmail account a week before.

·         Discuss new landscaper,
o   Udie submitted an email from Ron, Ron called the company.
o   Inappropriate email to Udie.
o   Udie would like to existing landscapers a chance.
o   Greg recommended that Udie, Noland, Greg and Dan Reese do another walk through.

·         Diane noted that there is erosion by the new concrete and it is causing issues with water.
o   Ground cover is brought up – Mulch, dirt/berms, back fill.

·         Diane mentioned that there is an issue with the mail box, people throwing trash and resident mail in the box by the mail box.


Meeting was adjourned by Noland Whaley, President, at 7:15 p.m.
           The next general meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on April 15, 2014

Minutes submitted for Diane Rivo by:  Carol Poole